Healthy Snowman Christmas Cake For Dogs - Easy Tutorial - Canine Compilation
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Healthy Snowman Christmas Cake For Dogs – Easy Tutorial

These Cute Holiday Cakes For Dogs Look Perfect For Your Dinner Table – Your Dog Will Love Them!

We all love to indulge in special, yummy food at Christmas, and if you make these cakes for your dog, they can get in on it too. This beautiful snowman Christmas cake for dogs is easy to make (seriously!) but contains only super healthy, dog-safe ingredients.

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The cakes have a healthy carrot-cake style ‘sponge’ centre and are covered with a low fat cheese and coconut frosting. They also have some small decorations for the eyes, nose, arms, buttons and scarf.


These Holiday cakes will last around 4 to 5 days in your fridge, if your pup hasn’t eaten them all before then.


This recipe is enough to make 4 mini snowman Christmas cakes for dogs.


  • Food processor
  • Baking tray
  • (Optional) cake mold
  • (Optional) grinder for oats and almonds if you’re not using ready made oatmeal or almond flour
  • (Optional) dehydrator to make liver sticks


Carrot cake sponge

  • 225gr / 1/2 pound turkey mince
  • 70gr / 2.5oz oatmeal
  • 70gr / 2.5oz ground almond (almond flour)
  • 70gr / 2.5oz coconut flour
  • 100gr / 3.5oz grated or shredded carrots
  • 50gr / 1.8oz cranberries
  • 1 banana
  • 4 eggs

Frosting (this frosting stays soft)

  • 200gr / 7oz low fat cream cheese
  • 30gr / 1oz coconut flour


  • dessicated (shredded) coconut – you will need around 100gr
  • dehydrated liver sticks for the arms and eyes. If you don’t want to dehydrate liver, alternatives could be to use a bit of beef jerky or dog safe ‘chocolate’. Dog safe ‘chocolate’ isn’t really chocolate as it contains no cocoa, but it looks and melts the same as chocolate. Melt it and pipe shapes for arms and eyes
  • carrot stick for nose
  • thin sliver of carrot for a scarf
  • dehydrated cranberry / liver for buttons



Dehydrated liver sticks are great for cake decoration. They can be ground down to make excellent ‘not-chocolate’ sprinkles. If left in wet frosting for too long though, they start to soften. Avoid this by not placing them in the cakes until necessary. The day before will be fine.

Dehydrated liver sticks to use for decoration in raw birthday cake for dog
Dehydrated liver sticks to use for decoration

You need very little liver for this recipe. However, dehydrated liver makes for excellent training treats, so it’s worth making a batch and using up a little bit of the leftovers each day as a small daily treat – don’t overfeed dehydrated liver. When properly dehydrated, it keeps for ages.

  • Thinly slice liver into slices of around 10mm thick.
  • Lay them onto a baking tray lined with aluminium foil and pop them in the oven at 75degC / 170deg F until most of the liquid has seeped out of them. This takes around half an hour.
  • Remove them from the oven and cut them into thin sticks, julienne style, approx. 6-7mm wide. They will continue to shrink as they dehydrate, so don’t try to cut them too thin.
  • If you have a dehydrator, transfer them to it and dehydrate at 70deg C / 160deg F for 2 hours – they might dehydrate faster than that given that they are so thin, so check them every now and again. If you don’t have a dehydrator, pop them back in the oven and continue to dehydrate them for a few hours at 75deg C / 170deg F.
  • To check when they are ready, let a piece cool. Once cool, snap it – if it snaps easily and crisply, it’s ready. It should be hard enough to use as arms.
  • For the eyes, just snap a couple of bits off a stick and use them as eyes.


  1. Place all the ingredients into the food processor and mix them together
  2. Fill the cake molds. If you’re not using molds, pour the mix into a baking tray.
  3. Bake at 160degC / 320degF (fan assisted) for 20-25 minutes. When it’s ready it will spring back after pressing down lightly on the surface. Leave to cool
Dog cake ingredients in a food processor
Step 1. Pop all the ingredients in a food processor
sponge for dog cake in a baking tray
Step 3. Baked sponge for the dog cake in a baking tray


Mix the coconut flour and the cream cheese together and leave the mix in the fridge til you’re ready to use it.


  1. If you baked the sponge in a baking tray, cut a piece out of the sponge and press it into a ball in your hands. This will be the snowman’s body. Leave it a little flatter on the top and bottom so it won’t wobble and so the head won’t roll off it. Make another, smaller ball in the same way for the head. The sizes you make them depend on the dog you have – keep them small for wolfers or small breeds. I made mine around 6cm wide for the body and 3-4cm for the head.
  2. Using a knife, cover the balls with a layer of cream cheese frosting. Don’t worry too much about smoothing this out as you are about to roll it in desiccated (shredded) coconut
  3. Sprinkle some desiccated coconut onto a plate and roll the balls into it – the coconut will stick to the frosting. Pat coconut into any bare patches of cream cheese. Don’t worry if some of the cake sponge colour shows through in the odd place – when did you ever see a pristine snowman that didn’t have at least a little muddy smudge in it?
  4. Press the head down on the top of the body.
  5. With a sharp knife, gouge a little hole into each side of the body. Push an ‘arm’ into each hole
  6. Gouge a little hole into the front of the head. Push a pointy carrot piece into the hole to make a nose
  7. Using a potato peeler, peel a thin slice of carrot – make it as long as possible. Wrap this round the snowman’s neck as a scarf
  8. Add details with small liver pieces or cranberries for eyes and mouth, buttons – or whatever else you wish to decorate your snowman with! Simply dab a bit of cream cheese on the decoration and press it onto the snowman
  9. Sprinkle some more shredded coconut in a circle around the snowman, to give the effect of a pile of snow around it. Voila, you now have a Christmas cake for your dog!
dog sponge cake pressed into ball shapes
Step 1. Press the sponge cake into ball shapes
Cover the balls with the cream cheese / coconut flour mix
Step 2. Cover the balls with the cream cheese frosting
Roll the balls covered with cream cheese in shredded coconut to coat
Step 3-4. Roll the balls covered with cream cheese in shredded coconut to coat
Use a potato peeler to make thin slivers of carrot
Step 7. Use a potato peeler to make thin slivers of carrot
Decorated snowman cake for dogs
Step 8-9. Decorated snowman cake for dogs

Keep the the snowmen cakes in the fridge until Christmas dinner!

Snowman Christmas Cake for Dogs

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My fur-babies enjoying their snowman Christmas cake for dogs


This cute little snowman Christmas cake for dogs includes a dog-safe carrot cake sponge, covered in a super simple frosting. Your dog will be so happy to get her own special Christmas cake too!

What yummy Holiday food are you planning for your pup?

Image of snowman shaped cakes for dogs - step by step tutorial


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    1. treyathay

      Yes, I think getting a dehydrator is a game changer when it comes to making dog treats. I’m sure you won’t regret it! So pleased you like the snowmen!

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