Raw Fed Dog Treat Guide - Canine Compilation

Dog Treats Your Dog Will
Take Your Hand Off For!

A recipe ebook of healthy,
homemade raw treats for dogs


In the Raw Fed Dog Treat Guide, you’ll find over 40 pages of raw treat ideas and recipes, perfect for your raw-fed – or kibble fed – four-legged best friend.


Single Ingredient Ideas

Wholesome and easy to prepare raw food ideas

drawing of pate ina bowl


DIY pate your dog will devour


Frozen Treats

Keep your dog cool with these summer treats

drawing of meat

Dehydrated Treats

Dried dog treats you can prepare either in the oven or dehydrator


Nutritionally Complete Treats

Treats that are meals in themselves

cake drawing

Raw Celebration Cakes

Special occasion raw pupcakes, perfect for Gotcha Days and birthdays

There are so many dog treats to choose from! You know that your dog deserves only the best, but you’re frustrated by the long shelves of brightly packaged items, with ingredients you can’t pronounce… You turn down aisles full of beef bacon flavour and rawhide dog treats in favour of the good stuff – you know, the ones with no rubbish in them.

The only problem is, those treats, the good ones, they cost a lot. Yes, your dog is totally worth it! But why not try your hand at making your own?

In the Raw Fed Dog Treat Guide, you’ll find over 40 pages of raw treat ideas and recipes, perfect for your raw-fed dog.

  • All gluten-free
  • Pampering treats
  • Easy, step-by-step instructions
  • All grain-free
  • Training treats
  • Helpful tips for easy preparation

From frozen treats for summer days to dehydrated delicacies, or nutritionally complete treats to raw celebration cakes – there’s something for everyone, or rather, everyone’s dog.


These dog treats are suitable for all dogs, whether your dog eats a raw diet or not.
If your dog is raw fed, hooray! You just found an ebook full of treats suitable for raw and BARF fed dogs.

Watch your dog’s tail go into overdrive when you prepare these healthy, homemade dog treats for four-legged best friend.

Customer Reviews

photo of a dog witing to eat a raw birthday cake

I wanted to share how your recipe that I got from you turned out! It was a HUGE hit for the dogs. Each dog got one at my pup’s 6th birthday party. It was super easy to make using Stella and Chewy’s small raw patties and then sandwiched in between was moistened freeze dried raw food and then on top as you showed, organic berries and coconut drizzle with freeze dried fish snacks. Boy did the dogs devour them! All raw. All organic. Now THAT’s a birthday cake! Thank you for this! It made the party!

K F Leggett

Raw Food Nutrition Course


Many years ago, I was lucky enough to find a fantastic vet. He was dead against feeding kibble. He thought it was responsible for the rising number of cancer cases he saw in his practice.

Back then I lived in a country where there weren’t any good quality dog food suppliers. My vet urged me to prepare my dogs’ food myself. So I did. I began with fresh and cooked food, but after a while, I moved on to raw.

I loved reading and researching about how to improve my dogs’ diet. I knew I was giving them the best, healthiest food possible.

A few years later when I moved back to my home country, I set up a dog bakery selling healthy baked treats as well as raw treats.

Dog treats are something we couldn’t manage without in our house. We do lots of training, nosework and games, all of which need a plentiful supply of wholesome doggy snacks. The treats in this ebook are the very things I still prepare for my dogs every week!

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