DIY Halloween, Bat Bow Tie For Dogs - Canine Compilation
Easy Dog Bat Bow Tie for Halloween

DIY Halloween, Bat Bow Tie For Dogs

Make A Halloween Bat Bow Tie For Dogs: Ridiculously Easy Tutorial To Spook Up Your Pooch!

I love to make cute things for my dogs – so long as they don’t make my dogs feel uncomfortable of course. These Halloween bat bow ties for dogs are incredibly easy to make, and they don’t pester a dog the way many dog Halloween costumes do. They look pretty on us humans too! I made one for me that I’ve used as a neck bow tie and hair accessory, as well as a matching facemask in Halloween fabric.

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Halloween costumes are so fun. We get to make something that is essentially scary, into something cute and friendly. Bow ties for dogs are really elegant alternatives to bandanas, and making an oversized bat bow tie is a perfect combination for a Halloween accessory.

Maybe you’re planning on taking your dog out with you for Trick or Treat, or perhaps you just want to make the walk to the park a little more playful. Either way this dog bow tie for Halloween will have heads turning.

Easy Dog Bat Bow Tie for Halloween - 15' no sew, photo tutorial


There are 2 ways to make this bow tie: use a glue gun or sew it. The sewing is minimal though.

If you use leather or faux leather, you don’t even need to finish the edges since this type of fabric leaves a clean cut and doesn’t fray.


  • Bat bow tie for dogs pattern – print out here
  • Sewing machine or glue gun
  • Faux leather fabric – another option is to recycle some old leather clothing and cut the pattern out of it.
  • Velcro strips / clip to attach the bow tie to your dog’s collar


  • Using the downloadable pattern, print and cut out the 2 pattern pieces on paper. Draw around the 2 pieces (the bat wings and the bat body) onto the back of your fabric and cut them out.
trace the pattern piece onto the back of the fabric to cut it out
cut the 2 fabric pieces to make the bat bow tie
  • Pinch the bat wings together in the centre


Dab glue in the folds to hold the pinch together

glue pinch on bat wings


Tack a stay stitch to keep the bat pinched together

tack stitch
  • Take the strips of velcro and either glue or sew them to the back of the bat body where indicated on the pattern. They need to be long enough to go around your dog’s collar.
  • Also, make sure you attach them to the bat body going in the right direction. The arrows on the pattern remind you to attach the velcro vertically to the bat body, not horizontally. See below if you’re using a clip rather then velcro
bat bow tie
velcro loop on the bat body
  • Take the bat body and fold at the indicated line to create a loop by gluing or stitching the bottom edge to the back of the body


Put glue on bat body ready to fold it into a loop

Put glue on back of bat body ready to fold it into a loop


Bat body folded into a loop and glued

Bat body folded into a loop and glued – a clip is used here instead of velcro


sew loop bat body

Fold the the bat body over and sew into a loop

  • If you are using a clip instead of velcro, you could glue the clip in place onto the back of the bat body loop. Otherwise, simply clip it on to the loop without gluing.
  • Squish the bat wings together to thread them through the loop of the bat body, then spread the wings out nicely. Done!
Bat bow tie for dogs - push the wings through the body loop
Bat bow tie for dogs - done


If you’d like to make a really theatrical bow tie, trace around the pattern to get it as big as you’d like and make as above. Add an extra couple of loops of velcro to the middle of the backs of the wings to connect the wings to the collar too, otherwise they may flop under their own weight.

If you like the idea of making matching items for you and your dog, maybe you’d also like to check out this Halloween bow tie for dogs with matching human face mask, or, a matching dog bandana and human face mask tutorial. If all you want is a simple bow tie for dogs, here’s a tutorial for that


With the fabric scraps, why not make some cute little Halloween cupcake toppers?


Now that your dog is looking all dapper, how about a truly amazing, spooky spectre, Halloween cake to complete the experience (the cake’s for your dog, not for you!). You can follow the step-by-step photo tutorial to make it here.

Halloween cakes for dogs - photo tutorial


You can whip up this super cute bat bow tie for dogs in a matter of minutes and it will make your pooch into the perfect Spook at Halloween!

dog bow tie speech bubbles

BTW: Lots of people are scared of bats, but there are over 1000 types of bat and they’re not all ugly, or scary, or vampires! Check out this really cute baby bat yawning. How can you not want to stroke it…?

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