2-Ingredient Easy Recipe: Milky Gummies For Dogs

Soft Dog Treats That You Can Make In Less Than 10 Minutes: Milky Gummy Treats For Dogs

I just made a batch of homemade yak bars for my dogs (get the recipe here) and wanted to make the most of the leftover whey, so I turned it into milky gummies. Don’t worry if you don’t have whey, you can make these milky gummies for dogs with milk, whey, or kefir.

I also added some dried cranberries to them to give them a nutritional boost, but these are also optional. This is a fast and easy recipe, with just 2 ingredients if you don’t want to add the extras.

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WHAT IS WHEY? (Don’t worry, you don’t need it for the recipe)

Whey is the liquid that is left over after making cheese.

I hate to see things go to waste, so rather than throw the leftover whey into my compost heap (that’s just one of many things you can do with whey), I used it to make these milky dog treats.

If you don’t have whey, you can use milk or kefir, or a combination of them.

image of gummy treats for dogs with text - easy milky gummies for dogs recipe


Gelatine dog treats are perfect for dogs that don’t like crunchy treats, and for dogs that have a sore mouth or broken teeth. My 2 dober-beasts can eat any kinds of treats, thankfully, and these went down a treat (excuse the pun).


  • Small saucepan
  • Measuring jug
  • Mixing bowl
  • Silicone molds
  • Grinder (optional – only needed if you want to add ground cranberries)

I use these molds to make treats. They are the perfect size for gummy treats


  • 180ml liquid: this could be milk, whey, kefir or a combination. I used 120ml whey and 60ml kefir for this recipe
  • 12g gelatine: add more for firmer gummies, and less for softer gummies. You can see how firm these came out in the video below
  • Optional
  • 10gr chopped dried cranberries – I use my grinder to get them into nice, small bits


Gelatine is an essential ingredient in this recipe – it makes the liquid turn to a jelly form. Be sure to use gelatine that is unflavoured and unsweetened.

I highly recommend that you use an unsweetened, unflavoured gelatine like this one

Ingredients to make milky gummies for dogs - whey, kefir and cranberries
Ingredients to make milky gummies for dogs
Add the gelatine to the liquid to make milky gummies for dogs
Step 2. Add the gelatine to the liquid
Heat the liquid in a pan to make milky gummies for dogs
Step 3. Heat the liquid in a pan
Photo of cheesy bits in a pan that form if you use whey to make milky gummies for dogs
Step 3. Cheesy bits will form if you use whey to make milky gummies
Image of all the ingredients together to make milky gummies for dogs
Step 5. Mix all the ingredients together
Image of milky gummies for dogs being prepared in molds
Step 6. Pour the mix into silicone molds


  • Step 1. Mix your liquids together if using more than one kind of liquid.
  • Step 2. Put 60ml of the liquid into a medium size bowl and sprinkle the gelatine over the top. The gelatine will gradually absorb the liquid. Leave for 5 minutes
  • Step 3. Heat the remaining 120ml of the liquid in a small saucepan and bring it almost to the boil. NOTE: if, like me, you have combined whey and kefir, you will see little white lumps form as you heat the liquid. This is perfectly normal, don’t worry! It is in fact just little lumps of soft cheese being made as the liquid heats up.
  • Step 4. Pour the hot liquid into the gelatine/liquid bowl. Mix. You might see lumps form – just stir or whisk them out until you have a smooth liquid.
  • Step 5. Add the chopped cranberries, if using. Mix
  • Step 6. Put the silicone mold onto a hard surface like a chopping board or baking tray. Pour the mix into the molds – there will be little pieces of cranberry at the bottom of the mix. Use a small spoon and add a bit of cranberry to each mold
  • Step 7. Put the molds into the fridge and leave to cool for 2-3 hours until set.
  • Step 8. Gently push the treats out of the molds once set and store in an airtight container in the fridge. Use within a week.
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These treats can also be frozen for later use.


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image of gummy treats for dogs with text - easy milky gummies for dogs recipe
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